Weekly Update 12-13-15

Wow what a busy week! Monday a singing group from New Life Baptist Church in Tyler came to sing for our Harvest House guys. We decided to open it up to the whole church. The ones who came from Tyler were such sweet people with a real heart for God and for people.

On Wednesday we had an abbreviated service followed by setting up for the Thursday night’s banquet. We transformed the sanctuary to a banquet hall and filled our gift cups with hot chocolate packets and candy canes and tied a message on the handles with ribbon.

IMG_20151209_203312349 IMG_20151209_203257709

On Thursday we had our More Than Enough Banquet. More Than Enough is our food distribution ministry that we do year round. Every year at this time, we do a banquet for all the families we serve. We do our best to treat our friends like royalty that night. We had between 140 and 150 in attendance, and we had singing, flagging, and a tambourine routine. Each person got a cup with a note saying how much we love them. Toys for Tots also provided toys for the kids.

IMG_20151210_191245282_TOP IMG_20151210_191857172_TOP IMG_20151210_193554735 IMG_20151210_194550458 IMG_20151210_194606519

On Friday, we made a trip to The Woodlands to see Patrick and Linda Rutherford, our friends from Colorado. They were taking care of some business in Houston so we made the trip down and had a wonderful visit.


Today, we had a good service this morning and went caroling at a nursing home in Rusk in the afternoon. After singing, everyone came over to our house for hot chocolate and goodies.

IMG_20151213_154429254 IMG_20151213_155832247 IMG_20151213_161731230_TOP IMG_20151213_163037663

Weekly Update 12-6-15

This was another busy week with an even busier one on the horizon. I guess that is the way it gets this time of the year. Besides our normal weekly gatherings at the church, I officiated at a wedding yesterday, and we made a quick trip down to Belton to see family we did not see over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Friesner Wedding

We are repeatedly asked if we are happy to be back in Texas. Truth is, our happiness, or better yet our joy, comes from the Lord and doing His will. So, yes we are happy since we have gotten back; however, that does not mean we do not miss the unique beauty of Colorado and our friends there. It has really been a special blessing to be closer to family and be reunited with our friends at the River.

Texas sunsetTRP Lake

This morning’s message was about the power of a sanctified imagination. Worship was excellent, and it was truly another good day at the River.

notes pic 1

Weekly Update 11-29-15

Today was another good day at the River. God has blessed us so much with faithful, anointed worship leadership. I am, also, thankful for those who gather before every service to pray.


Monday, we had a wonderful time at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet. This is a time where the staff serves all those who serve the church so faithfully all year round. The turnout was good, and the meal, including fried turkey, was awesome. Susan and I did a little humorous skit. Then, Frieda Reed from Faith Community Church in Tennessee Colony delivered a timely word of encouragement, and her daughter, Patty Walling, shared a little and prayed for many of us.

Appreciation Banquet Appreciation Banquet 2

This week was filled with Thanksgiving preparation and Thanksgiving celebrations. On Thursday we hosted 26 people, most of which had nowhere to go for the holiday. The guys from Harvest House (our Men’s Discipleship House), the SOS (Source of Strength) leadership and workers and children, as well as, the students from the School of Ministry. We had a nice full day of eating, fellowship, and hanging out together.

Thanksgiving 3 thanksgiving 1 Thanksgiving 2 thanksgiving 4

On Friday, our girls and their families came up here for lunch. Jessica and DJ from Waco, Becca, Isaac, and Lucas from Jacksonville (Fredy and family came Thursday too), and Christi Anna from Palestine joined us for a fun day together. We truly have so, so much to be thankful for. We are blessed to have family close by this year.

Thanksgiving 8 Thanksgiving 7 Thanksgiving 6 Thanksgiving 5

Weekly Update 11-22-15

This was a busy week! It began with our Open House. It was a great success in spite of the rain. We had 50 people through the house. They started arriving about a quarter till 5:00 and the last ones left a little before 9:00. We were so busy visiting we did not get a picture of anyone, but they were here. So much food and really good fellowship as wave after wave of folks came and went.

IMG_20151116_164019888 IMG_20151116_164457939 IMG_20151116_165556294IMG_20151116_165843214

Wednesday, we had an excellent time at midweek service. Thursday was More Than Enough our food distribution ministry where Susan sang and I had the opportunity to speak and pray for several people. Sheneigne Cummings heads up this outstanding ministry for the church. Here is what she posted on facebook about the evening, “Our Food distribution was fantastic tonight! Everywhere I looked, the love of Jesus was being shared! Got to pray for a lot of people tonight, the music and message were beautiful and we had lots of volunteers! We passed out 98 boxes! Thank you everyone-we couldn’t do it without you! Thank YOU Lord, for giving us this opportunity to pour into the lives of these, your people! We love to love!”

Thursday we met with Becca and Christi for Susan’ 60th birthday. Christi surprised Susan with a three layered cake; chocolate, strawberry, and butter pecan, with fondant icing. (We also went to Posado’s Mexican restaurant with my SIL Fredy and the grandbabies! What a noisy but fun meal!!! Susan)


Friday night Susan and I headed out for Waco to celebrate her birthday. This was a big one and I so wanted it to be special so we really splurged. We got a room for Friday night and tried to cram in as many things as she wanted to do. (We shopped, ate at five different places, went to two movies, painted at Practically Pikasso, and had a great suite for the night – what fun for me!!!! Susan)

IMG_20151120_161248346 IMG_20151120_192929381 IMG_20151121_090746688_HDRIMG_20151120_152808625

Today was an awesome time of worship at the River. Ronda was out of town so Susan led the worship team today. She did an outstanding job and God moved in the lives everyone again.

IMG_20151122_100514979 IMG_20151122_100806410_TOP

Weekly Update 11 -16-15

It was a stormy night on Wednesday in East Texas; however, we had a great turnout for midweek service.   Worship was great, ministry was deep, and we had another baptism. The lady had a dream she was supposed to be baptized and was off work for Veterans’ Day, so she wanted to be baptized then.

baptizing Julie

Ever since I moved back down to Texas I have had trouble with allergies, but this past week it turned into a pretty bad cough for a few days. Friday and Saturday were the worst. Thank the Lord, I made it through the church service yesterday fairly well.


Friday I went down to Waco to meet Curtis Odom. Curtis is the pastor of the River of Life Christian Center in Hearne, Tx. He got ticket to the basketball game between his college alma mater and mine. We have been planning this for months. We met for dinner and then the women’s game followed by the men’s. Baylor Bears 97 Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks 55. It was lots of fun and a great time of fellowship with a wonderful friend. Thanks Curtis!

Yesterday, we had good time of worship and had another baptism, making it 4 services in a row. The Lord is moving in the hearts of people. It was one of those days when you just do not feel well, but you push on through. God was faithful, and most people did not even know how bad I felt.

baptizing Jan

Today, we are making final preparations for our open house tonight from 5:00 – 8:00. Susan has cooked enough goodies for the entire population of Rusk. If you know her, you know what I mean. She is truly amazing! A couple ladies from the church have been extremely helpful in helping us put the finishing touches on the cleaning and home décor, as well as, providing even more food.

living room susan in kitchen

Weekly Update 11-8-15

On Tuesday morning, I attended the Rusk Ministerial Alliance meeting held at the First Baptist Church. I discovered the alliance here is pretty active in ministry to the community. I was warmly received and look forward to developing relationships with my co-laborers in the city.

On Wednesday morning, Susan and I attended the East Texas Pastors’ Fellowship held this month at Grace Fellowship in Rusk. We had a time of worship together, open mic sharing, and prayer. We wrapped it up with a fellowship meal together. There were people there from Tyler, Carthage, Tatum, Jacksonville, Lyndale, Rusk, and a couple other towns around.


Wednesday night we had a great service with two baptisms we were not planning to have. A spirit of joy and celebration was in the house.

Rick Tanner

I had lunch with a pastor in the area on Friday and discussed how we can work together in the future. That night, Susan and I went to Rusk’s last football game of the season. We sat on the visitors’ side this week, because we played my high school alma mater. Susan and I sat with a dear old friend from way back. We had a great visit with him and his wife during the game.

Connally Rusk

On Saturday, 14 of us from Rusk went over to a service at Abundant Life in Hearne where Janie Martinez is the pastor. I met Janie years ago, and we have worked together since then. She has an amazing heart for the city of Hearne. Our praise team from the River in Rusk led worship, and Curtis Odom the pastor of River of Life Hearne preached and ministered.

praise team hearne

This morning, we had three more baptisms and a good time of worship together. You can really sense an increasing family atmosphere as we come together.

Davion Jalen Jason

Weekly Update 11-2-15

Yesterday, was an outstanding day at the River. Worship was amazing; there was such a peaceful, joyful, free beautiful flow throughout entire service. Mitch Stroda from Kearney, Nebraska delivered a timely, powerful word on restoration of first love.

IMG_20151101_111628059 IMG_20151101_121040826

On Saturday, 13 of us made the 304 mile round trip to McGregor, TX for a regional meeting. It was beautiful to see people so many different cities coming together in unity. Don and Melisa Cooper and the Bridge hosted the meeting, and Cheryl Ballard ministered. Cheryl gave a now word for us all and ministered prophetically. Our worship team from the River led worship and did a wonderful job. It was an encouraging an empowering day definitely worth the drive!

waco regional meeting 002 waco regional meeting 006 waco regional meeting 008

Last week we got internet and cable at the house, as well as, new phones and a new plan, so now we actually get service in our house! Things are coming together in the natural and spiritually. Thank you all for your prayers. The momentum has really shifted at the church, and there is growing expectation that our best days are ahead. We still have issues and need your continued prayers; however, the transition is going very well.

Weekly Update 10-26-15

We started the week settling into our offices at the church. We have an office at the house as well, so we had to divide things up and do a little shopping to get them each equipped and set up. My church office will big enough for Susan and I to do projects and counseling together, but Susan will, also, have a smaller one set up for when she need it.

House & 8th Grade Game 001

Thursday and Friday evenings we went to football games to support our youth from the church. We have one guy on the 8th grade team, two on the high school team, and one girl in the band.

rusk football

The services on Wednesday and Sunday went well. The presence of the Lord seems to be intensifying. People are wide open to the messages I have been sharing and have been responding well to ministry. There is a positive momentum building. The people are transitioning very smoothly to us as pastors.

Life here at the River is truly a unique situation with all the moving parts. It is hard to explain how much activity is going on with River of Life School of Ministry, SOS ministry, the Men’s Discipleship House, and the church all operating out of the building. There are over 30 people living in the building, eating 3 meals a day through the church kitchen. Several couple even have children. The students are financing their schooling and housing by making crosses and selling them on weekends. It is quite an amazing operation.


Weekly Update 10-18-15

For those who have asked about continuing to or beginning to support our ministry. Yes, we do still need support. Actually, more here than we did in Colorado. Due to the financial condition of River of Life Christian Center, we are receiving less monthly income than we did from Nations Fellowship. We are believing for Susan to serve along my side full-time here as she did in Montrose. We are still receiving donations through Global Consulting Group. If mailing a check to support us, please make it payable to Global Consulting Group and mark it for “David & Susan Haines”. The address is Global Consulting Group, PO Box 7254, Waco TX 76714. If you would like to use Paypal, please go online to davidandsusan.org and follow the instructions on the “giving” page of our website. Recurring donations can be set up this way if you would like. Thank you soooo much for your prayer and/or financial support.

We began the week on Monday with a full day’s work on the house which really has taken shape throughout the week. There has been a lot of cleaning and arranging and rearranging done here! We purchased a refrigerator and were given a dryer, so we are pretty well set up.

On Tuesday, we made a trip down to Belton for my mother’s 85th birthday party. She is amazing and my sister, Dianna did a great job of putting it all together.

river stuff 10-18-15 001

On Wednesday, we had over 50 people at midweek service, more than we have had on the last two Sundays. It was a powerful time of worship, prayer, and the Word.

On Thursday evening, Susan and I ministered at More Than Enough. More Than Enough is our food distribution ministry. We have a short service with the people who come for food. Susan led worship and I shared the Word.

river stuff 10-18-15 004 river stuff 10-18-15 011

Saturday, we had our family over for Isaac’s birthday. (It is great to be around family!)

river stuff 10-18-15 017

Sunday, we wrapped up a busy week with a good time of worship and ministry. Susan is really enjoying singing on the praise team at the River. It is awesome to hear mother and daughter making harmony to the Lord!

Weekly Update 10-12-15

Decision made…check.

House found…check.

Stuff moved down…check.

David here…check.

First 3 services at the River…check.

SUSAN here…check!

Susan arrived yesterday afternoon around 3:00. She had a smooth trip down; thanks for your prayers. As you can imagine, we have a lot of work to do getting the house set up. We are enjoying the adventure.

Wednesday night and Sunday morning went very well. Excitement and expectation are growing as we enter this new season at the River. In the weeks to come I will give you more information about where we are and what we are doing.


Friday night I attended the Rusk Eagle high school football game.

Rusk 10-9-15 019

Rusk is a city in Cherokee County, Texas, United States. The population was 5,551 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Cherokee County.  Here is a link to find some demographics Rusk. http://www.city-data.com/city/Rusk-Texas.html

Rusk logo

Weekly Update 10-5-15

Monday afternoon we got the 26 ft. Penske truck loaded, or more precisely jam-packed, with the help of many hard-working friends. It was a real challenge to get it all in, but we made it. I left for Texas Tuesday morning and made it all the way to Childress, TX by 11 pm that first day. Wednesday I was shooting for arrival in Rusk by 3 pm; however, due to road construction between Athens and Jacksonville, I did not make it until 3:20. When I drove up to 211 Academy, there were 11 eager people waiting to help me unload. Thanks to the all who helped loading and unloading.


Yesterday was a great first day back at the River. The presence of the Lord was evident, and God was obviously touching many hearts. Worship was great, the response to the word was wholehearted as we responded to the challenge of being a body of unconditional lovers.

Susan is doing well back in Colorado and will finish her house/dog sitting job on October 10th. She will leave for Texas on the 11th, arriving here the 12th.


Weekly Update 9-27-15

Wow! We load the Penske truck tomorrow, and I pull out for Texas Tuesday morning. I cannot believe the move is already here. Susan will finish out here house/dog sitting job through October the 10th before coming to join me.

Last night the people of Nations Fellowship gave us a Birthday/Going Away party. It was fun, touching, and overall amazing. They prayed over us and sent us out on our new assignment with blessing. We were, also, blessed with money and gifts. We could not be more blessed by our wonderful friends here.


This morning, Susan and I left early for Bloomfield New Mexico where I was honored to minister today. The people at The Gathering prayed for and blessed us, as well. We had a great time of worship and ministry. We have a permanent connection with them like with the people at Nations Fellowship and Telluride Christian Fellowship.

005 001

Weekly Update 9-20-15

This update is being written from Becca’s house in Jacksonville, TX. I came down to look for a house and preach at the River this morning. Susan is still in Colorado where she is house and dog sitting for a friend. She is, also, finishing up the packing for our move. She attended the CCRT meeting yesterday in Montrose, went to Telluride for church this morning, and to Nations Fellowship this afternoon.

Arriving in Texas on Wednesday, I went straight to Athens and ministered that evening to our good friends at Athens Praise and Worship Center. We had a great of fellowship together.

All day Thursday was spent house hunting, and late that afternoon I found the house. Susan wanted a place big enough to entertain have people over for meals and meetings. This house is bigger than the one in Montrose and a couple hundred dollars cheaper. Thank you for your prayers.

house on academy

I was told that attendance was way up today at River of Life. It was good to see everyone and have a chance to deliver a strong word of encouragement. There was great response, and we are ready to get fully down here to pursue our new assignment. Wednesday afternoon I will fly back to Colorado for a few days before the move.

preaching at river

Weekly Update 9-14-15

Tuesday we attended our last Montrose Arising prayer meeting at the Centennial Room.  Really going to miss this awesome city. We held our last Mobile Midweek Wednesday night at a local lake. We talked about regret; then, we each wrote our regrets on a rock which we, then, threw into the lake. It was a beautiful evening and a good time of fellowship.

Chipeta Midweek

We had a very successful yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Several people from the church donated items to add to our own stuff, and we made around $800. We had fun interacting with the people for the 2 days.

Yard Sale 003

Yesterday was officially our last night as pastors of Nations Fellowship. I preached a short message; then, Susan and I spoke blessing over the people. Afterwards, almost all of us went to Mi Mexico for a great time of fellowship.

Tomorrow, I will leave for a week in Texas where I will be ministering at Athens Praise and Worship Center Wednesday evening and at River of Life Christian Center in Rusk next Sunday morning. I will be taking down a load of fragile things in the van, as well as, looking for a place to live. We are loading the truck on September 28th and leaving for Rusk the next morning.

Weekly Update 9-7-15

Our time here in Montrose is winding down. We are making the most of the time spending time with our new lifelong friends. A lunch here a dinner there; a four wheeling trip here and there. How blessed we are! We are busy sorting through our stuff for a Yard Sale this Friday and Saturday. Next Sunday, September 13th, will be my last day as pastor at Nations Fellowship.

On Monday, the 14th, I will head down to Texas for a visit. I will be speaking at Athens Praise & Worship Center on Wednesday, the 16th, and at River of Life Christian Center in Rusk Sunday morning, the 20th. While I am in Texas next week, I will also be looking for a house in Rusk.

Weekly Update 8-31-15

Tuesday’s night’s Montrose Arising meeting was probably the best one yet! The Holy Spirit was really moving. Lots of spontaneous singing and passionate intercession.

Montrose Arising 8-26-15 015

Wednesday night we a good time at our house for mobile midweek. We answered questions about our upcoming move back to Texas.

Over the weekend we had a church campout at Silver Jack Reservoir. It was a wonderful weekend in a beautiful place. Some people went up on Friday, more of us went up on Saturday, and some just came up for worship on Sunday morning.

NF Campout 028NF Campout 004NF Campout 012NF Campout 007

We started doing some packing today. Susan has been on the phone today checking on houses in Texas and moving trucks. Our big upcoming change is getting very real.

Weekly Update 8-24-15

Dear friends, prayer and financial supporters, and family,

God works all things together for our good!

After much prayer, consideration and anguish we know that God is calling us back to Texas to pastor River of Life Christian Center in Rusk, Texas. We are surprised and emotionally torn, but the bottom line is we are not our own, and we go where He sends us and do what He graces us to do.

We came to Colorado on assignment and will leave to go to Texas on assignment as well. We were sent to Colorado to love the folks in Nations Fellowship through a time of great loss and transition. And boy, do we love them. They are a wonderful, caring group of people that God has put together. We will be going back to the River of Life Christian Center as pastors to a church that has gone through difficult times since we left. As we go, it is our desire to love on them and lead them into their full destiny. They also have a ministry school as well as a few other ministries housed in the building that we will be working with, but not overseeing. Our focus will be the church, itself.

When we were first approached several months ago about returning to Rusk, we did not even really consider it. But, by the second time, we realized we needed to pray it through. Even though Colorado is a wonderful place to live, we heard from God that Texas is where we need to be at this time. (It didn’t hurt to have family there too!) Pray with us for a smooth transition at ROLCC as we assume the helm there. We are different than the founders and present pastors, Robert and Lesa Corbell, but know that God has prepared us to be exactly what we need to be for them. The finances at the River have been severely impacted through this time of trouble, so there is not a guaranteed salary for us there. We are trusting God for provision believing that we should continue to minister as a team, without Susan having a job outside the church. We hope many of you will continue to support us financially for a time, as we transition and build.

Our last official Sunday as pastors in Colorado will be September 13, 2015. David will be making a trip to Texas to preach at ROLCC on Sunday, September 20th, and to finalize details for moving. Then, he will return to Montrose to finish packing. Our actual move should be sometime in the last week of September. Susan will be doing a house/puppy sitting job in Colorado until October 10th and will be driving to Texas right after that.

We thank you so much for your encouragement, support and prayers throughout our time in Colorado. We have made some new lifelong friends and cherish these relationships. We have many places to go on vacation in the years to come!!!!! We are excited to see how God will use Nations Fellowship in the future and how what we have learned here will be carried over in local church, city-wide, and regional ministry in Rusk. God is good, and we leave Colorado on great terms with everyone anticipating future relationship and ministry opportunities with our friends in Montrose and across the Western Slope. Regardless of the miles between us, we will continue to minister together furthering the kingdom in the days ahead.

We love and appreciate you all.

David & Susan Haines




Weekly Update 8-16-15

Tuesday, we had an excellent Montrose Arising meeting in the heart of our beautiful city. Jerry Archuleta, the new Regional Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shared and we had an inspired, passionate time of prayer.


We had a great time of making declarations over Montrose from Centennial Plaza on Wednesday for our Mobile Midweek. It was a beautiful evening weather-wise and Spirit-wise.

MM Centennial Plaza 006


On Saturday, Susan and I made the long trek down to Bloomfield, NM for the CCRT Regional meeting held at the Gathering. It was an awesome time of encouragement and fellowship. It was a timely encounter with God and one another which we all needed.

ccrt bloomfield 8-15-15 016

Then, this morning I preached at Telluride Christian Fellowship in Telluride. Susan led worship and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to minister in the Steger’s absence.

T-Ride Sun 8-16 003

After their fellowship lunch we made our way back to Montrose for Nations Fellowship’s 4:00 service. Tim Tyler reported on his recent mission trip and shared from the Word of God.

T-Ride Sun 8-16 008

Weekly Update 8-9-15

We had a great day today at Telluride Christian Fellowship’s Annual Church in the Park. We dismissed church at Nations Fellowship for the day and made our way up to meet with them. The weather was beautiful, and there was a good turnout. Worship was awesome, and Ketrich’s message was excellent. Then, we went over to the river for baptisms. I was involved in baptizing Ali Long. Then we ate together. I love Telluride and our amazing friends there.

church in the park 019church in the park 004church in the park 010


Susan and I had a wonderful get-away prayer retreat at Patrick and Linda Rutherford’s cabin Friday night through Sunday morning. We sought the will of the Lord together for the next season. We, also, rode their Rhino through the mountains.

church in the park 038church in the park 037

Wednesday night, Mobile Midweek met at our house for a time of sharing the Word of God with each other. Everyone shared a scripture passage God has been speaking to them through lately. On Friday morning, Susan started up ladies prayer at the house again.

Weekly Update 8-2-15

Another busy week in the books. It was great to have Jessica and Christi with us for most of the week. Neither of them had been up here, yet, so we did a lot of running around showing them the beauty of Colorado.  It was a joy to spend so much time with these incredible young ladies.  On Wednesday night, we held Mobile Midweek at our house and had lots of fun playing games. Besides having our girls here, our special friends from Texas, Bobby, Sharon Brandi, and Drew Rea, have been here this week, too.

Tomorrow, Susan and I will be celebrating our 36th Anniversary. We have been apart or with company for the past month, so we are excited about some time alone together.

mobile midweek games 002

Weekly Update 7-27-15

Susan returned home on Friday afternoon with Jessica and Christi Anna. They will be with us until Thursday when we run them over to the Denver Airport. Lucas Emanuel finally came into this world on Tuesday. He was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. Both he and Rebecca are doing well. Isaac seems to be adapting well to little brother.

I spent a couple days staying with Ketrich Steger in Telluride last week praying and asking God for clear direction for the days ahead. This month is our one year anniversary of living in Montrose. Summers here are challenging for a church, because so many people are enjoying the beautiful outdoors while the weather is good.

We had good service yesterday. We had Susan back and we were back in our normal meeting place. The message was on being an oasis of love. Here are a few quotes from yesterday’s message. “Jesus was known as the friend of sinners. He was not worried about guilt by association; He intentionally associated with sinners to remove their guilt.” “We are not somebodies loving nobodies; we are His body loving everybody. We understand that everybody is a somebody in God’s eyes.” We will not reach others for Christ by arrogantly drawing circles of exclusion; but rather, by drawing circles of inclusion.” We cannot wield the sword of truth without hands guided by the heart of God.”

susan jess ca

Isaac and Lucas

Weekly Update 7-19-15

No baby yet in Jacksonville, TX. Lucas is obviously in no hurry to see us. Rebecca goes back to the doctor tomorrow. Susan plans to leave Thursday morning to return home to Colorado. Jessica and Christi Anna will be coming back with her for a short visit. My sister, Dianna, and brother-in-law, Gary, were up for a few days this week. After they left Friday Hope Taylor arrived from Georgia. It was a real blessing to have him stay with me.

Saturday, we hosted our regional CCRT meeting here in Montrose. Since we do not have a building, we had a picnic in the park at noon, then held our meeting at the Holiday Inn. Part of the worship team from the Gathering in Bloomfield, NM led worship, and Hope Taylor shared a message on hope for America.

hope taylor weekend 007

This morning I went with Hope to Telluride where he ministered at TCF. Then, we made our way back down to Montrose for our service at 4:00. Hope challenged us to maintain hope for America, rather than joining the negativity and hopelessness of many in our day.

hope taylor weekend 019 hope taylor weekend 023

Tuesday night, my brother-in-law shared with us how to pray for law enforcement. He is the chief of police at Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton Texas. A good time of prayer followed. Wednesday, we had a great time sharing at the City Market deli for our Mobile Midweek.

Weekly Update 7-12-15

Susan is still in Texas; she will not be leaving there until a week from Thursday. She attended the funeral for Jessica’s mother-in-law on Saturday and went to River of Life Christian Center in Rusk today. She is enjoying being Grandma to Isaac and seeing everyone, but she is ready for Lucas’ arrival. Rebecca is going to the doctor tomorrow.

Mobile Midweek was a joint service with the Road Home. Their pastor asked me on Tuesday to speak at their Wednesday service. Spent some quality time with Ketrich Steger this week strategizing about how we can have a greater impact on the Western Slope with CCRT.

This upcoming weekend we are hosting the July CCRT meeting. We will be meeting in the park Saturday at noon for a picnic lunch. Then we will move over to the Holiday Inn Express for our teaching and worship time. Hope Taylor will be sharing.

William ‘Hope’ Taylor has been a passionate follower of Jesus since 1974 and is focused on the mission of building a better future for America and the nations in his lifetime. He has worked with leaders in civil government, church, local communities and businesses to form coalitions which identify and resolve issues.

Since 2004 Hope has been the president of International Leadership Embassy which was launched as a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. ILE’s mandate is to educate, engage and empower the Church with a Biblical worldview while implementing strategies to transform America and the nations for cultural reformation, particularly within the civil government.

Hope has been a church planter and pastor for 20 years, served on the leadership team of several organizations for numerous years, speaker for churches and conferences and a contributing author for magazines and organizations.

Today we had church in our home. In Susan’s absence the worship team from Telluride Christian Fellowship led us today. They did an awesome job. In fact, we had 9 people join us from Telluride.

Nations Fellowship 7-12-15 007

Weekly Update 7-5-15

We had a great time at the Looney Bean for Mobile Midweek on Wednesday. We prayed for each other’s individual needs; then; we interceded for America. Since this was 4th of July weekend and we expected a small crowd, we switched the service today from the Aquatic Center to our house. Much to our surprise we had a house full…31. Penny Strople, from Bethel Church in Redding, CA, spoke this afternoon. She shared a great word on creativity. We followed the service with hamburgers and hot dogs I cooked earlier this afternoon.

Looney Bean 006church 7-5

Susan leaves early Monday morning for Texas. She is going down for the birth of our second grandson, Lucas. She will be down there until July 25th. Jessica’s mother-in-law died suddenly today at the age of 45. Susan will be down there for Jessica and D.J. and for the funeral. If you want to try to see Susan when she is there, you can contact her at 903-948-1112.

grillin in the rain 003

Weekly Update 6-29-15

Shew! What a whirlwind week! An extremely busy one, but a very good one. While in Texas, I had the opportunity to visit with lots of wonderful friends and family. It was especially nice to be with Jessica and Rebecca and Poppa Jim on Father’s Day. When I got down to Texas, I landed in Belton where my sister and parents live. From there, it was to Crawford, Waco, Speegleville, Waco, Marlin, Hearne, Waco, Rusk, Athens, Jacksonville, Rusk, and Jacksonville, respectively.


Along with visiting, I had the opportunity to minister at 4 different churches: The Bridge in Speegleville (Waco), River of Life in Hearne, Athens Praise & Worship Center, and River of Life in Rusk. Then, Friday I left for Colorado, arriving in Durango Saturday afternoon for the joint Four Corners and CCRT meeting and worship night with Jay Larson’s group.

Ath-hea-rus Durango Collage

Yesterday, was a productive day at Nations Fellowship. We continued a series on vision for the church, including a lot about the necessity of vision in our lives families and church. We especially looked at the role of the sanctified imagination in vision.

Weekly Update 6-21-15

Hello from Waco, Texas. I am at Jessica and D. J.’s house as I write this. Susan is back home in Montrose. Had a great morning at The Bridge with Donnie and Melisa Cooper. My parents were there from Belton, and 2 of my 3 girls were there, as well.

preaching at the bridge

Monday night I will be speaking at River of Life Christian Center in Hearne at 7:00. Curtis and Andi Odom are doing a wonderful job in Hearne with the church we helped start. It is always good to be with people who are so open to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

On Wednesday, I will be with Athens Praise and Worship Center at 7 pm. We will meet in John and Beth Wilson’s home at 217 Laurel Rd in Athens, TX.

Last Wednesday at Mobile midweek, we had a delightful time at the Anderson’s. We met outside in the yard and had an insightful time of sharing on spiritual lessons from gardening.

I will be leaving Texas on Friday morning and will be in Durango for our CCRT meeting on Saturday. Then, it is back home to Montrose for next Sunday morning.


Weekly Update 6-15-15

Yesterday was a very busy day for Susan and me. We began by traveling over to Telluride to preach at Telluride Christian Fellowship. Ketrich is in Texas visiting his mother who is in the hospital. We had a wonderful time with our friends at TCF at their Sunday morning service and lunch. Then, we headed back to Montrose to set up for our 4:00 service at the Montrose Aquatic Center. I continued preaching on the vision for Nations Fellowship.

Susan’s sister, Jenifer, was visiting with us most of the week. Tuesday was another powerful night of prayer for Montrose at Montrose Arising. It was great to have the new mayor of Montrose address the Association of Montrose Churches on Wednesday at our monthly meeting. We met at the Haven House, a very effective transitional living ministry to the homeless in our community.

I am making a quick trip to Texas at the end of this week. I will be in Texas from June 19th-25th. If you would like to see if we can get together while I am down there, call or text me at 903-948-1112.

haven house amc Nations Vision Day T-Ride Preaching

Weekly Update 6-7-15


Tuesday, the CCRT leadership met in Montrose and planned our schedule of events through October. It will include meetings in Durango, Montrose, Bloomfield, and Clifton.

On Wednesday, we met up on a hill overlooking Montrose for our Mobile Midweek Meeting. Remember the hymn, Showers of Blessing? That is what we did; we showered the city with blessing. We spoke blessings over every area of the city: business, education, arts and entertainment, media, family, government, and church.

mobile midweek hogback

We continued our series on vision at church today. Susan’s sister, Jenifer, from California helped lead worship. She will be with us until Friday morning.

Weekly Update 6-1-15

Tuesday evening was another Montrose Arising meeting at the Centennial Room in the heart of the city. It was a night of punctuated with spontaneous singing as we celebrated the love of God for our city. We have a faithful group of pray-ers from various churches who come together in beautiful unity to pray. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we had guests from Texas, George and Susie Dickson from Jacksonville. They stopped in for a visit with us after traveling 5000 miles through 13 states on a motorcycle. They were here with us to participate in our midweek which was held in our home this week.

T-Ride 024

Susan is continuing to volunteer at Christ’s Kitchen where she is developing relationships with the rest of the workers there, as well as, with those who come in to eat. She is starting to recognize them around town when she sees them. Sunday we began a series of messages on the vision of Nations Fellowship.

Chipeta Christ's Kitchen 020

This coming Wednesday, Mobile Midweek will be up on Hogback Hill where we will meet to pray over the city. Here are some pictures taken from up there overlooking the city.

IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0235

Weekly Update 5-25-15

Yesterday, Susan led worship and I preached for another church here in Montrose at 10 am. The pastor of the Road Home was out of town, and invited us to fill in. It was a privileged to minister to the people there, and an honor to be trusted by another pastor here in the city. Later in the day, we met with our own church at 4 pm and experienced our best time of worship since we have been here.


Our friends Ketrich, Suella, Shellanie, Jerrica, Steger from Telluride came over for a visit last night and spent the night. They are old friends from Texas who pastor a church a little over an hour away from us. We have friends coming in for a visit from Texas tomorrow. We have a Memorial Day cook-out this afternoon for the church.

We continued our one-on-one meetings with Nations Fellowship people this week. We have been discovering new things about almost everyone.  We met Wednesday night at Heavenly’s Yogurt for our Mobile Midweek. It is a Christian business near the High School attempting to reach youth for Christ.  We prayed over the business, the employees, and the youth of the city.


Weekly Update 5-17-15

Wow! What a busy week! We are in the process of meeting with everyone in our church, one on one, so we had several of those meetings this week at the Looney Bean coffee shop in Montrose. Tuesday we had a powerful Montrose Arising meeting with a youth emphasis. An on-fire young man from the area gave his testimony and ministered.

On Wednesday, for Mobile Midweek, we had a joint service with Solid Rick Foundation Ministries where I was invited to preach again. It was great to be with our friends again; the unity was amazing.

moblile midweek

On Thursday, we had our monthly Association of Montrose Churches luncheon. We had a report from the new chaplain at the Delta Correctional Facility. He told how God is moving at the prison and how he baptized over 30 people recently.

On Friday, we had the singles over for a holiday style meal. We had 17 singles here at the house and Susan did her usual amazing job cooking and serving everyone.

Singles Dinner 008Singles Dinner 006

On Saturday, we took a van load to Telluride for a Regional CCRT meeting. People gathered from Bloomfield, NM, Aztec, NM, Montrose, CO, Dolores, CO, Cortez, CO, Ridgeway, CO, Grand Junction, CO, Edgar, CO, Cedaredge, CO and, of course, Telluride, CO. It snowed on the way up and all day while we were there. It did not stick on the road, so we had no problem traveling. The worship was tremendous and the presence of the Lord moved strongly in our midst.

CCRT Telluride 025 CCRT Telluride 018



Weekly Update 5-11-15

Wednesday morning, 10 of us gathered at the Anglican Church in Montrose for our Pastor’s Prayer Meeting and experienced a wonderful spirit of transparency and cooperation. Wednesday night, our Mobile Midweek was in one of our member’s home, and we had an excellent time of sharing and prayer for one another. We had a first time visitor who received some powerful encouragement and ministry.

Thursday morning, we had the National Day of Prayer Breakfast for community leaders and I was responsible for leading prayer at the military table. That night, close to 100 people met outdoors at the Centennial Plaza downtown to pray from 5:30 to 7:00. We prayed in groups over the 7 spheres of influence in our community and nation. Susan led us in “God Bless America” to close out the evening.

NDP BreakfastNDPNational Day of Prayer 2015 015


I spent most of the day Friday with a strategic planner from Aztec, NM brainstorming about creative ways to bring transformation to our region. Susan has been volunteering at Christ’s Kitchen one day a week. This is technically a “soup kitchen” but really is a place for folks to gather, eat and fellowship – for free! A lot of “regulars” (workers and guests) are becoming dear to her heart.

Christ's Kitchen 001

Over the next 2 weeks, Susan and I are attempting to schedule a sit-down meeting with every member of the church in order to assess their gifting and ability in an attempt to discover where each one fits into the body. We want to help each individual reach his/her potential for the Kingdom, and this is a start.

Weekly Update 5-4-15


Mobile Midweek service Wednesday was wonderful with Roca de Refugio!  We had a great time of bi-lingual worship and cross-pollination with Pastor Benjamin Avina and some of our brothers and sisters in city.

001 004 007 010 012

The Practical Prophetic Conference on Saturday was excellent.  Thank you to the CCRT Prophetic Team who shared with us.

prophetic conference weekend 002

Mike MacFarlane ministered at Nations Fellowship yesterday and delivered a now word for the church.  It was the perfect ending to a powerful weekend!  We enjoyed the extra help on the praise team as well.


Weekly Update 4-26-15

This was a big weekend for CCRT. On Saturday, David Hoskins was with us sharing the next steps for the Coalition. There was a great turnout from all over the Western Slope. It is always so good to get together and strategize about what we are doing regionally and in the nations. Mission trips are being planned for the Philippines, Peru, China, Mexico and India. We are also going to intensify our regional outreaches for the rest of this year.

We continue to hear good reports about what God is doing in Montrose. This Tuesday we are having a youth night. There is a fired up young man coming to share with us. There are men going into the high school walking the halls to pray every day before school, and the principal told them whatever you are doing – keep it up.ccrt meeting nations

Weekly Update 4-20-15


Tuesday’s Montrose Arising meeting was filled with reports of changes we are seeing in in our community in every sphere of society. Everyone was greatly encouraged and our prayer time was full of life and faith. Wednesday night we took our midweek on the road. First stop was Solid Rock Foundation Ministries Wednesday night service. For a season, our Mobile Midweek will be bouncing from house to house and church to church to worship with others in the community to build relationships inside and outside our own church fellowship!

Susan’s class at Saturday’s Ladies Conference here in Montrose went very well. She taught a breakout session on the topic of hospitality. She was overjoyed with the opportunity, and was busy all week preparing for her session. She had a blast doing the class and had great response. Her teaching gift is developing more and more in recent weeks.

We had a big day yesterday! We went to Telluride in the morning where Susan and Paul Strople led worship, and I preached. We had a wonderful time with our friends at Telluride Christian Fellowship. Then, Ketrich Steger and the praise team from his church came to Montrose to lead the service at Nations Fellowship. It was so good to hear the Word and to be able to worship with others.

017 037012

Weekly Update 4-12-15

lambs 008

A couple months ago a friend asked me to go with her to see one of our county commissioners at the county office in Montrose. We prayed with him, and he told us he wanted to get a short time of prayer scheduled in their meeting room before the actual meetings started.  He said they could not open their actual meetings with prayer. As you know, we have been praying for the city and the county government. Suddenly, this week the above article hit the front page of the newspaper. Not only did they have an opening prayer at the last meeting, but one of the County Commissioners did it. And the entire prayer was printed in the paper. Our local paper recently got a new editor who is a Christian. We are seeing some signs of transformation; Montrose is arising.

Friday night, Susan took a group of ladies to a comedy night at the largest church in town. They all had a good time there while I attended a CASA banquet. CASA is Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. It a fundraiser for the local CASA group. Every day in this country, 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die. Every day. CASA for Children is a network of 951 community-based programs that recruit, train and support citizen-volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms and communities. Volunteer advocates—empowered directly by the courts—offer judges the critical information they need to ensure that each child’s rights and needs are being attended to while in foster care.

Yesterday the CCRT Prophetic Team came to Montrose to minister to the CCRT Sozo team. Mike MacFarlane from New Day Ministries in Grand Junction taught on Shifting Atmospheres and Purity, Accuracy, and Submission of the Gift. David Cannon from Dolores taught on Growing in the Prophetic and How to Interpret Dreams More Accurately, and Consistently. Charleah Woodward from 1stFruits Prophetic Company in Grand Junction taught on Developing Prophetic Teams. They concluded the day with a time of prophetic ministry. I was there for the whole day. Susan hosted the city-wide pastor’s wives meeting at our house yesterday morning; then, she joined the conference with me for the rest of the day.

Weekly Update 4-5-15

This week was marked by unity among many of the believers in Montrose. Every morning this week we began the day at a different church in the city: Methodist, Nazarene, Baptist, Anglican, and Seventh Day Adventist. We met at 7 pm to worship, hear a short message, and eat a continental breakfast together each day. The attendance was twice what is was last year, and the fellowship was sweet. This morning we met for a Sunrise Service. Montrose is beginning to Arise. We have a long way to go, but there is a fresh stirring.

We celebrated not only the resurrection of Jesus Christ today; we celebrated our resurrection with Him. The Bible teaches clearly that we were crucified, died, and were buried with Him. Then, according Ephesians 2: 5,6 He…made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved),  and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of his grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. NKJV


He took our sin-dead lives and made us alive in Christ. He did all this on his own, with no help from us! Then He picked us up and set us down in highest heaven in company with Jesus, our Messiah. Now God has us where He wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in Christ Jesus. The Message

Spiritually, we are better off than we realize. We have been raised to where He says we are no matter how it seems. By God’s doing,

He raised us out of hopelessness and raised us into a living hope

out of defeat                                into the identity of conqueror

out of victimhood                        into victorhood

out of guilt and regret                  into unthinkable forgiveness

out of sorrow and despair           into joy unspeakable

out of confusion and turmoil      into peace that passes all understanding

out of loneliness and isolation   into communion and family

out of alienation                          into oneness with Creator

out of bondages and habits       into freedom

out of death                                into hyper-life

out of darkness                          into light

out of empty religion                   into intimate relationship

out of rejection                            into total acceptance

out of fear                                  into boldness

out of self-preoccupation            into self-sacrificing agape love

out of trivial pursuits                    into eternal purpose and significance.

We need to arise to the place He raised us to and live from there.

Easter Sonrise 2015 006 - Copy Easter Sonrise 2015 007 - Copy Easter Sonrise 2015 011 Easter Sonrise 2015 014

Weekly Update 3-30-15

Susan and I spent the weekend at a hotel near the Denver Airport for a Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation strategy meeting. We left Montrose at 9 am on Friday to make the near 6 hour trip across the state. The trip was beautiful and the fellowship with Tim Tyler, Annette Iszler, and Ketrich Steger as we traveled was great. We met for a few hours Friday evening, all day and evening Saturday, and Sunday morning through noon. We had in-depth, fruitful discussion of the plans for the future. Donnie Cooper and David Hoskins from Texas flew up to lead the meetings. Mike and Rennae McFarlane and Charleah Woodward from Grand Junction rounded out the attendees. We are beginning an International Coalition which will immediately make possible cross-pollination of ministry between the U. S., the Philippines, Peru, India, Mexico, and Asia. Susan and I are stepping into a greater role on the leadership team of CCRT on the Western Slope of Colorado. We were strongly challenged to step into a greater role of sacrifice and covenant as we move forward in our pioneering efforts. We were reminded that as we engage all we do at a local and regional level, we must keep taking the gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the earth constantly in view. We had lots of fun and are truly blessed to be involved with the wonderful people God has linked us with.

Earlier in the week, we had an outstanding Montrose Arising meeting. It may have been our best one yet. Everyone was greatly encouraged and the presence of the Lord was strong as we heard from, prayed with, and prayed for Steven Reinhart, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Montrose. God is continuing to build strategic kingdom relationships in the city.

Denver CCRT 001 Denver CCRT 002 Denver CCRT 006

Weekly Update 3-23-15

Yesterday was a fun day! It was a pulpit swapping day with The Gathering in Bloomfield, New Mexico. Oral and Donna Hardin came up to Montrose for our CCRT meeting on Saturday. They stayed the night at our house and he preached here yesterday. I left Sunday afternoon to make the 3 ½ hour drive down to Bloomfield and stayed the night with Rusty and Sondra Donham. Had a great visit that night and a real blow-out service Sunday morning. Wow, was the presence of the Lord strong! The people are so precious and I love the cross-pollination between churches. He will be swapping with Ketrich Steger in Telluride next month.

This past week’s Wednesday morning pastor’s time was the best yet. A couple pastors really opened up and shared some real heavy issues; there was great support for one another and even lots of tears. There are not many of us, yet, but the relationship is deepening. We are looking forward to an extended time of praying and strategizing with CCRT leadership this Friday through Sunday in Denver. Please pray for us as we meet.


Weekly Update 3-15-15

Today we met at the Aquatic Center at 3:30 for a Potluck Fellowship, followed by worship and word. It was our first time to try having a meal there, and it went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship, worship was great, and then I shared a message about God’s ever-presence.

Tuesday, we had another great time of worship and prayer for our city at Montrose Arising. On Wednesday, Susan continued teaching on Ephesians 4 & 5. She will be continuing the study this week. She is doing a great job teaching. I spent the day in Grand Junction Thursday while Susan took care of lots of things here in town. We had some people over for dinner Friday night, and had lots of fun visiting and playing games.

This Saturday, the Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation will meet at Tim Tyler’s home in Montrose.   People will gather from all over the Western Slope and Northwest New Mexico for this monthly time of fellowship, strategy, and worship.

Next Sunday, March 22nd, Oral Harden will be ministering at Nations Fellowship. He is the pastor of The Gathering in Bloomfield, NM and a part of CCRT.  I will be in Bloomfield ministering at The Gathering!  Susan will remain in Montrose to lead worship at Nations.

On the weekend of March 27th-29th Susan and I will be going to Denver for a Strategy Meeting. David Hoskins and Donnie Cooper will be flying up from Texas to meet with the CCRT leadership here.

One Sunday in April, I will be swapping pulpits with Ketrich Steger from Telluride Christian Fellowship. We will, also, be having a joint service on Wednesday night April 15 with Solid Rock Church; then again one Wednesday in May.

Sunday 3-15-15 008Sunday 3-15-15 007Sunday 3-15-15 005

Weekly Update 3-8-15

Wow, what a week! We saw God come through again. We did not have money to pay our full rent, then just in the nick of time, we were given $700. God is faithful and His people are wonderful.

We are seeing a breakout of the favor of God on every hand. We are hearing testimonies by text through the week, and we spend the first 10 to 20 minutes of our Sunday service each week letting people testify. It seems we are seeing more and more blessings on the people of God lately.

It is a joy to see so many of Nations Fellowship people involved in ministry in so many different venues around Montrose and around the region. We are truly being salt and light here. Susan had a busy week teaching on Wednesday night, hosting the ladies prayer meeting Thursday, and hosting the pastor’s wives’ meeting on Saturday. We are so blessed to have a house where we can comfortably host meetings.

Today’s service was great, again. It is a joy to come together, experience the Lord’s presence, and minister to one another in love. We had a fun time of fellowship afterwards at Rib City with friends. We are loving our city and our church. We are blessed.

Cimmeron 026

Weekly Update 3-2-15

PRAISE THE LORD! Someone met us at the courthouse to pay for the license plates for our van, then later in the day someone else came and took it to have 4 new tires put on it. Also $300 we did not expect was given to us today.

This has been our tightest week, financially, since we moved here. The little cushion we had when we left Texas was depleted by the first of the year. As things stand now, monthly contributions from our regular supporters are several hundred dollars a month short of what we need. At this point, God has been bringing in unexpected gifts to get us by. Nations Fellowship is only able to cover about 1/3 of what we need. Therefore, WE NEED AN INCREASE IN NEW MONTHLY GIVERS OR HAVE A LARGE ENOUGH GIFT TO PAY OFF SUSAN’S SURGERY PAYMENT. It is impossible to overstate the importance of Susan’s freedom to pursue ministry full-time with me. We are not averse to getting jobs if we must; however, with our responsibilities in the Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation increasing and in light of all that we need to do in the region it would be very limiting. So we ask you to pray with us and to consider supporting us monthly with any amount possible. If you would like to help by facilitating a fundraiser, we have a few ideas.

On Tuesday at our Montrose Arising meeting Benjamin Avina, pastor of Roca de Refugio, came and share his heart with us. We, then, ministered to him before we continued our prayer meeting. Susan began teaching a short series on Ephesians at our midweek.

We love and appreciate you all!

If you would like to mail a check to support us, please make it payable to Global Consulting and mark it for “David and Susan” and send it to:

Global Consulting Group

P O Box 7254

Waco, TX 76714

or to use your credit or debit card or your PayPal account, go to the giving page on this website.

Benjamin and MeSnow Sheep 006

bEN & dAVE

Weekly Update 2-22-15

Susan has truly blossomed up here in the Colorado sunshine. She has always been invaluable in whatever arena she has been committed to. We were certain when we moved up here that she was to step into a greater role in the church. In 35 years of ministry together, she has either been at home with kids or working a secular job. Since we have been here, she has assumed a co-pastor role. She has done an amazing job ministering to the ladies of Nations Fellowship. She has done an awesome job of leading worship at Nations Fellowship and at several CCRT functions around the region. She is leading a prayer group at the church. She is hosting an all-day ladies retreat at the house on Saturday March 28th and the next city-wide pastor’s wives’ meeting on March 7th. This is only possible   because of your generosity. Two-thirds of our income comes from gifts to David & Susan Haines Ministries through Global Consulting. We appreciate you who have been supporting us financially more than you will ever know.

new dooat bert and sherrys001

Weekly Update 2-15-15

On Tuesday, Robert Munday, the pastor from All-Saints Anglican Church, kicked off the Montrose Arising Meeting. He read a portion from a book on the Welsh Revival. It was an encouragement to speak blessing over our city. So, we entered into a time of blessing Montrose and into an inspired time of intercession. One lady in dire need showed up to the meeting for the first time. We ended the evening together with a time of mighty, liberating ministry to her.

Wednesday night we studied the passage about catching the little foxes that spoil the vineyard. Thursday, we had a great Association of Montrose Churches luncheon and meeting. Friday night, Susan and I went up to Grand Junction to the CCRT training center with New Day Ministries. We enjoyed the fellowship with our friends there and were blessed by Charleah Woodward’s teaching on Spiritual Maturity and Fruitfulness. Saturday, Susan attended a pastor’s wives breakfast at the Evangelical Free pastor’s wife’s house. Susan will be hosting next month’s meeting in our home on March 7th. Susan was also asked this week to do a workshop class on hospitality at a ladies conference on April 17th. I was asked today to share at the CCRT meeting this Saturday here in Montrose. Thanking God for increased opportunities!

Susan snowshoeingmailbox view

Weekly Update 2-8-15

This week started out with a CCRT leadership meeting at Tim Tyler’s house. We spent most of the day and evening with Donnie Cooper from Texas, Tim from Montrose, Ketrich Steger from Telluride. Mike and Rennae McFarlane from Grand Junction and David and Laurie Hoskins from Texas joined us via Skype. We discussed our future together in CCRT. We are always seeking for God’s direction and remaining flexible as we develop into what He wants us to become. We are determined to increase our involvement into the nations. There are doors open for us in several countries, and we are considering strategies for answering the call.

Today’s service  at Nations Fellowship was probably our best one yet. The presence of the Lord was sweet, and there was such a spirit of encouragement. God has so knitted our hearts to these precious people. We enjoy God’s refreshing liberty and joy. Susan and I are anticipating awesome advancement in the church and in the region in the next few months.

Set-Up 2

Set-Up 1

Weekly Update 2-2-15

This has been another busy week. Tuesday night at Montrose Arising, a Baptist pastor for 18 years from here in town shared his heart for Montrose at the beginning of the meeting. Also in attendance was the pastor of an Anglican church in town. He came at the recommendation of the Evangelical Free pastor who attended, shared, and was prayed for at our last meeting. Little by little we are seeing unity deepen among some of the believers in the Montrose. The Lord has drawn many people to this city with a desire to see a spiritual awakening. Now, I believe He wants to draw together those He has drawn here.

On Saturday we went to Cortez for a Four Corners Regional Transformation meeting at Community of Believers church. Attendance was good, and our time was full of encouragement, challenge, and direction. The plea was to come together with purpose, the purpose of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. Susan led worship and Donnie Cooper from Texas spoke.

Sunday, Donnie Cooper and Fredi Quintanilla from Peru ministered at Nations Fellowship. The power Jesus promised the church in Acts 1:8 was power for forward movement. It was a power to go, not a power to stay. It was not to be kept to ourselves, but to empower us to reach others. Everything is intensifying and the sense of purpose is growing. Thanks for your support and keep us in your prayers.

4 Corners KS 1Susan leading worship4 Corners KS 2

Weekly Update 1-25-15

Wednesday morning, Susan and I attended the pastors’ prayer meeting held at the local Anglican Church. That night, we had good attendance and great participation at the Midweek Gathering in our house. We continued our discussion of the “one another’s” of the Bible with lots of interaction during and after the teaching. We are really seeing the Lord changing some people right before our eyes. It is exciting to see the transformation.

There were various one-on-one and small group meetings through the week. Susan started a new ladies prayer group here at the house on Thursday. They had a fruitful time of prayer for the individuals and families in our church and for our city.

Saturday Susan attended a city wide pastor’s wives coffee where the ladies shared their hearts and prayed for each other. Then, Saturday afternoon the ladies of Nations Fellowship had a pamper day with foot washes, facials, and manicures…and food. I hear it was lots of fun.

This afternoon we had another powerful service. We are truly blessed to pastor such an awesome group of people.

Pamper DayIMG_0008IMG_0009

Weekly Update 1-18-15

Tuesday night at Montrose Arising we had a local pastor come to share with us his insight into reaching Montrose. He shared then gave prayer requests for himself and the church he pastors. At that point he invited us to pray for him. So, we all gathered around him and prayed for and ministered encouragement to him for an extended period of time. He was very receptive, everyone was sensitive to the Spirit and he left encouraged. Then we received specific direction as to how to pray for the city and we entered a time of specific intercession.

On Wednesday evening God drew just the right individuals to our house for a unique time of ministry as we discussed preferring one another. Someone who was visiting from out of state was attending. It was great to see how he was impacted while visiting for a couple weeks.

Saturday was our monthly Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation meeting over at Tim Tyler’s house. Tim and Ketrich Steger shared some new information and direction for the coalition. We are attempting to remain on the cutting edge of what God is doing and to continue to be a flexible wineskin adaptable to the leadership of the Lord.

This afternoon we had a life-changing time together at Nations Fellowship in the presence of God. We are being transformed. We are awakening and arising to our calling. We are being drawn deeper into intimacy with Him and He is challenging us to move out in more boldness and authority. He has been so faithful and good to us. We started children’s ministry this evening in the hallway of the Aquatic Center. We had 5 children today.

Weekly Update 1-12-15

Townsend Pic

Hello from beautiful Montrose, Colorado. We are back home and into the flow of our life here on the Western Slope. Another busy and fruitful week is behind us. Wednesday morning we enjoyed another good time of prayer with several pastors from Montrose. Genuine love for one another is growing in that group. At noon on Thursday, Susan and I attended the Association of Montrose Churches January meeting. The Montrose Police Department Chief and two of his officers came to address us with an update on our city and share prayer requests with us. A deputy from Montrose County Sheriff’s department was with us as well.

Wednesday evening we started a new series of study on the reciprocal commands of the New Testament at our midweek gathering which meets in our home. This week we studied Hebrews 10:24. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works…

Friday, after my Montrose Arising core group meeting, Janet and I went to visit a local government official to offer to serve and pray for their group. He was very receptive and welcomed our involvement in the future. In fact, we got to pray with him on the spot. It was definitely a divine appointment in the timing of the Lord.

Yesterday our Sunday afternoon service was powerful. Susan did an outstanding job leading us in worship. God really moved in our midst again. The presence of God seems to be growing each time we gather, and the response to the word of God was encouraging. We are truly blessed and on the verge of significant breakthrough in Nations Fellowship and Montrose.

Weekly Update 1-5-15

We are back HOME! We had a great visit and safe travels to Texas, all around Central and East Texas, and back to Colorado. Thanks for your prayers. We were excited about getting back here and really enjoyed our time with our Nations Fellowship family yesterday afternoon. We are entering 2015 with expectation of our best year ever.

New Years 2015 #1

Weekly Update 12-30-14

Last MONDAY we left MONTOSE and drove through lots of snow in COLORADO to DUMAS, TX where we spent the night. On TUESDAY, we drove all day, arriving in JACKSONVILLE about dark to see Rececca, Fredy and Isaac. Then, we went on to the guest room at River of Life in RUSK where we spent the night Tuesday through Sunday. On WEDNESDAY, we went Christmas caroling at a nursing home in RUSK ,and spent some time with dear friends from the River. On CHRISTMAS DAY we went to JACKSONVILLE to Rebecca’s house where Jessica and D J and Christi met us. Susan made a great lunch; we opened gifts and spent the day all together. On FRIDAY, we went down to BELTON to see my Mom and Papa Jim for the day; all of our girls went with us. Then, back to RUSK for the night. SATURDAY, Susan hung out with Rebecca and Isaac while I prepared for Sunday. Then, SATURDAY night we went out to Pastor Robert and Lesa’s house near ALTO for dinner. SUNDAY morning we gave a report at River of Life in RUSK and I preached. That afternoon, we drove to ATHENS where we had a great visit with John and Beth Wilson, then gave a report and ministered at Athens Praise and Worship Center. Then, we headed back to RUSK for the night. MONDAY morning we got up and headed to Crawford for a meeting with Donnie and Melisa Cooper. Next, we shot over to HEARNE for a service at River of Life HEARNE where Susan led worship, we gave a report, and I preached. Then, we came to WACO where we spent last night with Jessica. Shew! We have been busy. Thanks for your prayers. So far, it has been an awesome trip.

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Weekly Update 12-21-14

What a busy week!  We went to dinner with 2 different families this week.  We took a group Christmas caroling at the nursing home on Wednesday night. We had fun and the residents were so blessed by our singing. After we finished singing everyone came to our house for pies Susan baked and wassail, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.  Friday night, we had 45 people crammed into our house for a Christmas party. Susan made potato, chicken tortilla, and beef vegetable soups. Everyone else brought the rest of the food. We ate and played a couple games. Everyone seemed to really enjoy being together.  Saturday. we drove down to Cortez to meet another couple, and then headed to Douglas Mesa near Monument Valley, Utah. We delivered lots of food and many Christmas presents from Nations Fellowship and CCRT to some people on the Navajo reservation. It was 10 hours of driving through the mountains and the weather was good all the way.

We are leaving in the morning for Texas. We will be ministering at River of Life in Rusk next Sunday morning, Dec 28th, at 10:30. Then, at Athens Praise and Worship Center in Athens, Sunday night. (Call them or us for the time; it is not set yet.) On Monday, Dec 29th we will be at River of Life in Hearne at 7 pm.

Weekly Update 12-15-14

We had an awesome Montrose Arising meeting Tuesday night. We invited the Nazarene pastor, Buddy Cook, to come share his heart for the city and how we can pray specifically for him, his wife, and First Nazarene Church. Buddy did a great job and the presence of the Lord was with us. We are beginning to see the early stages of what we are crying out for. We are not just praying; we are seeking God’s specific plan for transformation here in Montrose, so we can cooperate with Him.

Saturday we went down to Durango for a CCRT interest meeting with a group beginning a new work in Durango. David and Laurie Hoskins and Donnie Cooper from Texas were up here for the meeting. There were about 40 of us meeting in a home. We spent the night with some new friends, then drove home on Sunday for our service at 4:00.

This week will be very busy, culminating in a trip to the Navajo Reservation in Monument Valley, Utah on Saturday to deliver food and Christmas gifts from Nations Fellowship and CCRT. Then, Monday we will head to Texas for the Christmas holidays.

Weekly Update 12-8-14

Last Wednesday morning at the MONTROSE PASTORS PRAYER MEETING we had 12 in attendance. We had a great time of prayer and fellowship. It was awesome to see Baptist, Evangelical Free, Seventh Day Adventist, Non-Denominational, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Anglican, and Four-Square believers praying in unity for the city. Wednesday we had two first-timers at our MIDWEEK GATHERING and had a very encouraging time together. Thursday, 19 women come together for a LADIES CHILI FELLOWSHIP. They played games, visited, and ate together. We had our first SINGLES GROUP meeting on Friday night with 11 in attendance. The sense of family is definitely growing at Nations Fellowship.


Weekly Update 12-1-14

As I was reflecting on what Susan and I have to be thankful during this Thanksgiving weekend, you came to mind. It is such a blessing to have friends who care about us. We have been so blessed by knowing so many wonderful people over the years. We have encountered amazing people while serving as pastor in Gatesville, TX, Crawford, TX, Valley View, TX, Kemp, TX, Plano/Sandwich, IL, Thorndale/Rockdale, TX, Palestine, TX, Rusk, TX, and now here in Colorado. Wow! We are truly blessed. When you include the others we have not actually pastored, it becomes even more overwhelming. God is good and His children are not perfect, but they are precious. I am truly so glad to be a part of the family of God. Thank YOU for caring for us.


Weekly Update 11-23-14

This past week was filled with birthday celebrations for Susan. Her actual birthday was Thursday, but the first of several celebrations began on Wednesday and ended last night with a party after church. A whole new group of people are finding out what an extraordinary lady I have the privilege to be married to. It was great to see her so loved and appreciated by people everywhere this week, especially by our new friends here in Colorado.

Saturday we had our first CCRT regional meeting in a while here in Montrose. People gathered from Grand Junction to Bloomfield, NM to fellowship, worship together and minister to one another. It had the feel of a joyful, Spirit-filled, family reunion with lots of encouragement and prophetic insight.

Susan and I are planning to leave Wednesday morning to drive over to Tehachapi, CA to spend Thanksgiving with Susan’s sister, Jenifer and her family. Last night, out of the blue, a new friend just handed us enough money to cover the gas for the trip. May you be truly overwhelmed with genuine gratitude as you reflect on His abundant blessings this week.




Weekly Update 11-18-14

Tuesday’s Montrose Arising meeting went extremely well, as believers from the city met to cry out for transformation. We spent most of the time praying over the schools in Montrose. Momentum is building and we are asking God for what to DO to put feet to our prayers.

On Wednesday we went to Grand Junction to attend the wedding renewal service for our friends Mike and Rennae McFarlane, pastors of New Day Ministries. It was great to celebrate with them. Sheryl Strople handled the Midweek Gathering at our house for us.

The ladies had a fellowship brunch on Saturday. The 18 had a great time of getting to know each other better, having fun together, and enjoying good food. They are truly a bunch of awesome ladies.

This Saturday will be our next Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation meeting here in Montrose. People will be gathering from all over the Western Slope and from northwest New Mexico pray strategize and encourage one another.


Weekly Update 11-11-14

We have been busy building relationships in Nations Fellowship, in the community, and in the region. Our days are filled with meetings with individuals and small groups. We have been invited into other’s homes for meals and had several people in our home for meals. Relationships are being established and deepened on a daily basis. The challenges are many in this time of transition for all of us, but God is faithful. He constantly gives grace for every day and every situation. We are getting a feel for what God is doing here, and how we fit into the picture. Things are very different here in many ways from what we have been used to, but we are gradually adjusting and getting our bearings. We thank you for your prayers and support. We need them more than you realize.

Weekly Update 11-3-14

Monday and Tuesday were filled with meetings, scheduled and impromptu. Tuesday night’s Montrose Arising meeting was another step forward together in the pursuit of transformation in our city. Wednesday night, we continued our study Meet the True You in our home as we discussed our death, burial, resurrection, and ascension with Christ.  Friday night we had a city-wide praise and worship night in the heart of the city, as we gathered to push back the darkness on Halloween. Susan was a part of the worship team as we experienced another awesome night of unity among believers coming together from different churches. Saturday we helped a lady who is new to our fellowship move into a house in Olatha. Then, yesterday, we had a good time worshiping as Nations Fellowship.

Montrose Arising 10-28worship night 10-31-14 002 - CopyMe preachingworship night 10-31-14 001

Weekly Update 10-27-14

This week I was able to go across the mountains to Shiprock, NM to attend the first annual Women’s Warrior Conference on Friday and Saturday. The special speakers were Barbara Wentroble, Sue Chancellor, Callie Bennett and Elston Bennett. Man, what a powerful time. The cool thing was that much of their message was what we have been hearing already – we are in a new season and we must be aligned with what God is doing now – not in the past – and move with Him! The Navajo group “Paradigm” led in praise and worship and did a tremendous job leading us into the throne room! Several ladies from CCRT (Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation) led out in the intercession and ministry times. I also was able to spend time with some friends in Cortez, CO that I went to China with this summer, and stay with some new friends in Bloomfield, NM! God is so good!

We had a great service on Sunday evening with our friend Pastor Ketrich Steger, from Telluride, joining us. David’s message was on JOY and how we need to be the happiest people around!!! Then the folks in our fellowship honored us with cards and gifts for Pastor’s Appreciation Month. That was such a blessing! After that we had a fellowship in a home with finger foods and fun! What a wonderful day!

wwc4wwc1wwc5Pastoral Appreciation Pic

Weekly Update 10-20-14

This week Susan and I met with several individuals, getting to know them better and discovering how we can help them find their place in the body. One thing I am excited about beginning soon is a creativity group. This is only in the planning stage, but I envision regular meetings to stir and encourage all forms of creativity – painting, music, writing, dance, and drama. This would be a place where we share what God is giving us with one another.

We set up an additional facebook page to share requests with our friends called David & Susan Ministries Prayer Team. This is a closed facebook page. Let us know if you want to be added to the group. If you do not use facebook, but would like to receive these prayer request, let us know and we will put you on a special email list. Michele Gipp will be sending out prayer requests for us on a regular basis.

Montrose Arising is bringing together believers from across the city to pray for an awakening in Montrose. Susan led worship Tuesday and the meeting was the best one yet. We are seeking God to find the keys to breakthrough here. Since we have Sunday services at 4:00 I have been visiting some churches around town on Sunday mornings. So far, I have visited an Assembly of God, an Anglican Church, A non-denominational church, a Nazarene church, a Four-Square church, and a Methodist church.

Weekly Update 10-14-14

Wednesday’s midweek gathering at the house went very well, as we continued our study of who we are in Christ. Then, Friday night we went out to dinner with Rich and Cindy Moss and Bill Klein. Bill is our regional director for the Sozo ministry. He spent the night with us, and did a Sozo training session Saturday morning. By the way, our Sozo ministry was just given a house in town to have training sessions and do Sozo sessions in.

This past Sunday afternoon, we had our best service since we have been here. Worship was awesome, and God really moved and touched many people. We had 47 in attendance, which is our biggest normal Sunday crowd so far.

We are about to begin a closed facebook page to share our prayer needs. There will be regular posts made on our behalf by Michele Gipp. If you want to be added to this group let us know. For those of you who do not do facebook, send your email address, and we will send the requests to you that way.

We have included some pictures from our recent CCRT conference.

Leanna Cinquantaccrt worship 2david hoskinsTim Tyler


Weekly Update 10-6

Wow! What a busy week. Thursday night Susan and I attended a Pastor’s Appreciation Banquet. There were around 100 people in attendance. Doug Abner from the Appalachian Centre for Transformation was our guest speaker. Doug Abner from the Appalachian Centre for Transformation was our guest speaker. Doug was a pastor involved in the miraculous revival documented in the video “Appalachian Dawn” by George Otis, Jr. Sixty-three out of 100 pastors in Clay County, Kentucky came together in unity. God transformed the city of Manchester from “The City of Dope” to “The City of Hope”.

Then on Friday night and Saturday we attended our Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation Annual Conference here in Montrose at the Holiday Inn Express. Leanna Cinquanta from Tell Asia Ministries in Northern India, Doug Abner, Tim Tyler, and David Hoskins were the speakers.  The conference was a call to step up to a new level of commitment for the sake of the kingdom.  The worship was great, and it is always good to get together from all over the region.  Yesterday, David Hoskins spoke at Nations Fellowship to wrap up the weekend, and it was such a timely powerful time together.

APP CENTRE Kingdom_Impact_8_DVD_set_cover_front Montrose Arising Logo


 Weekly Update 9-30

Last Wednesday night, 25 people came to the weekly midweek gathering in our home. At the end of the teaching time a birthday party broke out for me. On Friday and Saturday we attended the Feast of Trumpets Prophetic Conference in Grand Junction.  Susan did an awesome job leading worship for the Saturday Morning session.  I am serving as a core group member of a city-wide prayer group called Montrose Arising … a movement for the glory of God. I will be on the program of this year’s Montrose Pastor’s Appreciation Banquet Thursday night to invite everyone to join us for our bi-weekly time of coming together. This Friday and Saturday will be the Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation Annual Conference.

Wed- Birthday 108 Wed- Birthday 110 Wed- Birthday 117 FEAST CONFERENCE 005montrose arising logo 1


Weekly Update 9-22-2014

Wednesday Susan and I attended a good prayer meeting with several Montrose pastors; from Assembly of God, Teen Challenge, Evangelical Free, Episcopal, Baptist, and Non-Denomination. We usually have a Seventh Day Adventist and a Nazarene, as well. That evening we began a teaching series entitled “Meet the True You” at our house.   We had 16 in attendance, five of which do not normally come on Sundays.  Saturday, we went to Bloomfield, NM for a CCRT Regional Teaching and Worship Event. The time of worship was held at a park on the busiest corner in the city. The prayer and worship in the park was powerful. The mayor of the city attended, and we got to pray for him.  Yesterday we had a great time of worship in the presence of the Lord. We had a lot of our own people out of town, but we had several visitors.

first midweek 042Bloomfield trip 062Bloomfield trip 063Bloomfield trip 052

Weekly Update 9-16-2014

Our Open House on Saturday was well-attended, and everyone seemed to have a great time visiting throughout the afternoon. Susan enjoyed providing a large variety of home-made snacks and desserts for everyone to munch on as they came and went from 1:00 to about 7:00.  Our next door neighbor even dropped in at 8:30 when she got off work for a good visit.  This Wednesday night we are beginning a weekly midweek gathering at our house.  We think this addition meeting will be beneficial for widening our net to reach the harvest and enhance the ever-increasing sense of family among our own people.  We think this is too important to wait for a building to open up, so we are going to begin now at our house.

Weekly Update 9-8-2014

Yesterday we had our best service since we have been here.  Susan, Nick Zappa, and the others are blending together well as a worship team.  I preached on embracing the fire and letting go of pride, complacency, self-centeredness, and independence.  God moved and there was a time of public repentance.  This Saturday is our Open House, and Wednesday, September 17, we begin midweek services here in our home.  Today we found twenty padded folding chairs for $22.00; they even match the colors of our living room. I am serving on the core team of the Montrose Transformation group. There is some movement beginning with the potential for huge strides toward unity among believers in Montrose.


This past weekend we attended a CCRT Camp Out.  Originally, we were planning to sleep in a tent, but were invited to stay in an amazing camper and slept on a queen bed indoors. The James’ camper even had a fireplace inside.  We sang and visited around the campfire Friday night.  Saturday Susan and I  rode from Ironton Park to Animas Forks on a 4-wheeler.  The view from the rugged road through the mountains was breathtaking and challenging.  At one point we were up to 12, 930 feet on the way to the ghost town.  Susan did an awesome job driving the 4-wheeler.  The weekend was a great opportunity to get to know the people on the trip better.

Weekly Update 8-31-2014

In spite of all the people missing yesterday due to Labor Day Weekend, we had a good time together in the presence of the Lord at the Aquatic Center.  We are planning an Open House for Saturday, September 13, from 1 – 5.  We just want to have everyone over to see where we live, and you know Susan, there will plenty of tasty snacks. She is really enjoying having a house to entertain guests in.  We have had another person over for dinner this week , and Susan’s sister and a friend from California are here for a week’s vacation.  We have a CCRT Campout this weekend.  We will be spending Friday night and Saturday night in a tent at Ironton Park near Ouray with people from all across the Western Slope.  Soon, we will be starting up a weekly Midweek Gathering for the church at our house.  We are in the process of establishing a more organized prayer support team for us in our work here.  We thank each of you for your support and prayers.

Weekly Update 8-24-14

We had a productive Nations Fellowship Leadership meeting in our home Wednesday night.  We are currently discussing vision and priorities for the church.  We have also had several individual meetings with various members, attended a pastors’ prayer meeting, had music practice in our home  and Friday night we had a couple over for dinner.  Then, Saturday we made a trip to Cortez (3 hours away) for a Four Corners Leadership meeting.  The presence of the Lord was sweet and all were encouraged by our time together.  On Sunday afternoon we had a wonderful service at Nations Fellowship in the Montrose Aquatic Center.  (David says the worship team was awesome and Susan says the word was excellent!  LOL)  The sense of family is increasing and we had visitors again this week!  David will be facilitating the city-wide Montrose Transformational Prayer Meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday).  Keep us in your prayers as we navigate through this time of transition.

Weekly Update 8-18-14

Saturday we all gathered for Paula Tyler’s memorial service.  She and her husband, Tim, are the founders of Nations Fellowship, Pioneer consulting, and the Colorado Coalition for Regional Transformation.  Here is the email from Tim after the memorial service and yesterday’s service at Nations Fellowship. Hi everyone, Our family and I are very thankful for all of you.  You have poured out your lives and your love on our behalf.  The memorial service was attended by over four-hundred friends and ministry leaders from all over the Western Slope and other states.  We feel very loved and supported!  The honor that was given to Paula was overwhelming as we all celebrated her life together.  I plan to take a trip in the near future to hear clearly for the next season of life and ministry.  The battle has been difficult but God’s grace and strength have been abundant. I thank you for all your prayers and love. I hope to return to China and the Philippines by the end of the year and to spend time with our ministry partners there.  Paula and I have been called to pioneer but even in her absence I still hear the call very clearly.  My desire is to please the One who has called us all to fulfill His kingdom purposes in the earth.  The challenge is how to move forward without my helpmate and ministry partner.  Paula was the love of my life! Loss is very difficult but I know that His grace is sufficient. The Colorado Coalition and Nations Fellowship which Paula and I founded many years ago now, came out in force and once again affirmed to me that the church on the Western Slope and beyond is a united, radical, loving body of believers.  Thank you for being a demonstration of who our loving God is. Your untiring faithfulness is overwhelming. As we all move forward with an unwavering resolve we like the Apostle Paul will be able to declare that our lives have been poured out as a drink offering to our Lord.   Love and Blessings, Tim