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mountain flowers

Weekly Update

Susan is in China until next Monday, August 4th.  We will be leaving the 5th to drive to Texas for Jessica’s wedding.  It will be August 8th in Austin.  This is day 25 of living in Montrose and the house is pretty well in order.  Things are progressing as well as possible at Nations Fellowship with everyone’s summer coming and going. Paula Tyler’s condition has worsened drastically.  Pray for the Tylers, us, the church, and everyone in CCRT during these days of transition.

Thank You

We Appreciate YOUR Help!
We are finally here in Montrose and pretty settled in our new house.  We would never have made it this far without the help of our many amazing friends. Thanks to those who helped us load and unload the U-Haul truck and trailer.  We almost did not make it over Monarch Pass with our heavy load.  The engine on the truck was making noises I have never heard and never want to hear again.  I was going 15 mph with the pedal to the metal when we finally reached the peak.  Thanks to those who have prayed us through to this point.  Do not let up we have plenty of work to do here.

Hong Kong

Susan Is In China
Susan is currently in China with a group of about 30 from the U.S. She is teaching in an English Camp. Her class is composed of 31 7th grade boys. She is doing well. We thank you for your prayers while she is away. The heat and humidity are intense and there is no a/c in the classroom. The hotel room is cool, and she is resting well at night. She requests prayer for strength, stamina, wisdom, and creativity. She will return on August 4th, the day after our 35 anniversary.


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