River of Life Christian Center, Rusk TX

After we pastored Trinity Church in Palestine from 2004-2010, we joined River of Life Christian Center in Rusk 30 mile to the east of Palestine. We already had a relationship with the founders and pastors Robert and Lesa Corbell, and I had been teaching some in River of Life School of Ministry. After a year of commuting there we moved to Rusk, actually into a wing of the church building. We served as associate pastors for the next 3 years while I taught in the school and travelled ministering in other churches on weekends much of the time. While we were here we helped with the church plant of River of Life Hearne. We left the River to answer the call to Colorado.

Our building was previously a hospital, and it houses several ministries. Over 30 people currently live in the building. In addition to the church itself, there is River of life School of Ministry, a men’s discipleship house, and Source of Strength (SOS). SOS is a ministry/business designed to raise funds to fulfill the great commission. The production of the items they sell, primarily crosses, takes place on another piece of property, but they office and live in the building.

Susan and I have returned to pastor the church, itself. We will be working with the other ministries here, but our primary responsibility is the church.

Montrose Arising

We are a group of Christian believers committed to seeking God and preparing for a mighty visitation of God in all His glory. We are passionately pursuing God for His manifest presence to bring awakening, revival & transformation to Montrose.

Please join us, expecting His presence, as we pursue His heart for Montrose and prepare for Him to come!  We meet twice a month on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Centennial Room located north of City Hall on South 1st and Uncompahgre.

Pray for me as I serve in the core group for this group

Susan’s China Report

Well, I returned from the China trip on Monday evening August 4th at 9:00.  Boy is God good or what!?

This trip began on July 16th with a long trip via Salt Lake City, Seattle and Hong Kong to finally arrive in Dong Guan, China for a two week English Camp.  Our goal was to teach a little English and love on Chinese kids!  We did it!!!  The trip consisted of 15 people from Colorado, 5 Navajo folks from New Mexico, and 11 people from Washington DC area.  We had almost 300 children from first grade to eighth grade.  I worked with 32 seventh grade boys along with two other English teachers and one Chinese teacher.  I believe God hand-selected our boys and we loved them!  They worked hard, had fun, and were great!  We reviewed words they should have learned last year, previewed words they will learn this coming year in school, drilled on phonics and pronunciation, and gave classes on American Culture items such as: landmarks and symbols of America, Christmas celebrations, sports, and the Thanksgiving celebration.  We did handcrafts and played games and just had fun!  We all cried when I had to leave – boys and teachers!  Coming from Texas I thought the weather would not be a problem for me, but it was so humid and hot there we were sapped of our energy in the un-air-conditioned classrooms.  I realized that in Texas we go from an a/c’ed house to an a/c’ed car to an a/c’ed office and don’t stay in the humid heat for very long.  We are spoiled!!!!  (Thank you Lord!)

I can’t thank all of you enough for your part in getting me to China.  Some helped financially, many prayed and even more encouraged me and some gave me teaching tips – which I used!  You had a part in changing the atmosphere in that part of China for this time.  Our prayer is that each boy was marked by the love and acceptance that they felt from all of us.

We hope this will be the first of many times to go love on people!

Thanks again!