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golden gate

Frisked by the FBI?

One blustery Northern California morning I drove up to the Marin county side of the Golden Gate Bridge for a little fresh air. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on planet earth with a breathtaking view.  I had been sick in bed for a couple days and was looking a little scruffier than usual, wearing a comfy old sweat suit and a toboggan.  I had driven up to the lookout station in our recently acquired Mustang.  While I was pacing around the periphery of the parking lot praying, suddenly someone grabbed my arm, directed me to the nearest car and began frisking me.  It was the FBI, they presented a badge and began interrogating me.  I was informed that someone matching my description had been stealing cars at that location and my behavior was suspicious.  They asked me to show them proof of ownership of the car I identified as mine. Oops, we did not have the proper ownership paper in the vehicle, and Susan’s friend in Washington was supposed to be mailing it to us.  I had to sit it out while they checked out my story.  After a little investigating I was released.

I was one perp who had not perpetrated. I was innocent, but still scared.  This was the FBI; you do not mess with the FBI.  I was innocent, so I could have simply stood fearlessly through the process, but I was not any where in the same area code with fearlessness.  I should have rested in my innocence and remained unaffected by the accusations.  The Bible says there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  So when devil comes to suddenly hurl accusations at you, do not panic or be afraid; stand unaffected in the innocence of the Lamb of God on your behalf.  You have been justified by the blood of the Lamb.