Back in the 80’s Susan and I purchased first brand new car, a shiny red Yugo. The down payment was minimal and our payments were $121/month for 48 months. As if it knew the payment arrangements, it died immediately after our last payment. We got 100,000 miles out of that little rascal. That may have been a record of some type. The jokes about Yugos outlasted the cars themselves. You know how to double the value of a Yugo? Fill the tank with gas. Do you know why it is called a Yugo? Because you go, it doesn’t. It had a rear window defroster to keep you hands warm while you pushed it. One of the secrets to our Yugos long life is that we got ours without air conditioning. Imagine that in the hot Texas summer, not exactly what you would expect from a new car. The plastic window and door handles had a propensity to break off. Not good if it happened on the inside of the same door; you could not roll down the window to reach out and open the door by the outside handle. It may not have been cool (you can take that 2 ways), but at least we had something that was dependable enough to start and get us from point A to point B. In our 4th year of Yugo ownership, most of the people we heard about with Yugos had their engines go ka-blooey, but we were still zipping around…..forward. One day, for some reason, reverse could not be found. That’s right, we drove a reverse-less car for months. Thank God it was a little car. You could put it in neutral, stick your leg out, and push it back, as long as there was no incline. We became experts at finding parking places with even the slightest incline, so we could roll back out of the parking space. You do not need reverse as much as you your forward gears, but when you need it, you need it. One afternoon after a particularly unsuccessful and miserable fishing trip at a remote, small lake, unfamiliar to me, I was driving across the narrow dam. I drove 50 yards… 75 yards… 100 yards when I noticed the bridge ahead was a walking bridge, not even wide enough for my little car. No problem, I will just put it in reverse, and…..REVERSE! I was in a heap of trouble. The dam was too narrow to do a u-turn on, and it dropped off 50 feet on one side and about 15 feet on the other, into the water. Hours later it was turned around, after pushing it slightly back and forth blocking the tires with rocks so it wouldn’t roll away, because the emergency brake no longer worked either. The guy who said, “The worst day fishing is better than the best day working.” was not with me that day. Even that day was a day the Lord has made, and worthy to be rejoiced in. Circumstances are not as powerful as we think. The car in the lake, I did not get hurt wrestling with the car, and looking back I got a real good story to tell. The bad day only lasted a few hours, but the story endures.